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Sustainable Blackpool: Residents

At the heart of a sustainable Blackpool are its residents. The aim of this guide is to bring together resources and information in one place to support residents interested in starting their own unique journey towards sustainability. 

As a first step you can take the climate hero quiz.

This 5 minute quiz will allow you to see where you have the most potential to reduce emissions and it gives you the choice to make a pledge based off of your unique results. 

Eco-coaches in Blackpool

Groundwork deliver free to access impartial advice and support to help you save energy, reduce your bills, and live in a warmer, more comfortable home. The programme of support is available across Blackpool and is delivered by the Green Doctor team. Support includes:

  • Identifying causes of heat loss in homes
  • Helping identify and tackle damp or mould problems
  • Offering useful tips for saving energyand water whilst ensuring your homestays safe and comfortable
  • Installing small energy efficiency measures, such as draft excluders, LED lightbulbs and radiatorreflector panels
  • Supporting you to switch energyproviders to save money
  • Registering households with the Warm Homes Discount and Priority Services Register
  • Supporting you to access other support, such as emergency heating, government subsidies or grants, advice on energy or water debt

To date across Blackpool Groundwork have supported 607 householdsproviding advice and installing over 2,000 energy saving measures initially within the Grange area of Blackpool, thanks to funding from the European Regional Development Fund. 

The programme is supported by Blackpool Council and households can refer themselves directly by;

Emailing or calling free on 0330 1740 863.

Find out more about Groundwork Green doctors.

Sustainable household advice

In Blackpool, residential housing has the biggest share of the emissions pie. This means, the measures you take to increase the efficiency of your home can have some of the biggest collective knock on effects towards the town reaching net zero.

Energy efficiency, retrofitting and green energy

Appliances and home maintenance

  • When getting ready to redecorate, larger household items can be collected by the Bulky Matters service and given a new life to those in need. Find out more at the Bulky collection service.
  • Many items end up at the tip that don't need to be there, wasting resources and contributing to emissions. Those items that are in good condition can be gotten at the Tip shop
  • The Energy Savings Trust has advice in which appliances to look for in terms of energy efficiency.
  • How much electricity am I using? provides information on how to find out how much energy your appliances are using

Advice for landlords and renters

Sustainable transport advice

Transport emissions are the third biggest slice of the emissions pie in Blackpool, by rethinking how we take our journeys we can begin to collectively have a significant impact on the emissions produced by different modes of transport.

The Land Trust has created a carbon calculator for transport.

Access the transport carbon calculator.

Ways to reduce your transport footprint

Sustainable food advice

Reducing food waste is one of the simplest ways to reduce your carbon footprint, you can Find out more at Love Food Hate Waste. You can also find out what your food based carbon footprint is using a food carbon calculator.

Find out your food carbon footprint here: What is the true cost of the fruit and veg you waste?

Ways to reduce your food footprint