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Blackpool Council has received funding from the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund for a community flood resilience project.

As part of the project, every household in Blackpool will be eligible to receive a free water butt, with flats and apartments also eligible if premises are suitable.

Benefits of using a water butt

  • Reduce the risk of localised flooding during heavy rain – by diverting rainwater into a water butt instead of letting it enter into the drainage system
  • Reduce tap water use – rainwater can be used for a variety of purposes such as watering gardens, car washing, refilling ponds/other garden features, and cleaning windows
  • You can save money on your water bills if you have a water meter – especially during the summer months when outdoor water use can increase significantly
  • Using rainwater is good for plants - it doesn’t contain the same chemicals, minerals and salts that can be found in treated tap water. It is also slightly acidic which helps to create the soil conditions for healthier plants

The latest allocation of free water butts have now been claimed and applications have closed. Watch out for information on possible new allocations in 2024.

Installation is very simple. If required, volunteers from the Blackpool Volunteer Centre can help householders.

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