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Blackpool Council operate a number of camera systems including those within the buildings that it owns and the town centre CCTV system. The council's full privacy notice which includes the use of CCTV.

We recognise that the use of CCTV is a valuable tool in the :

  • Management of public safety and security
  • Protection of people and property
  • Prevention and investigation of crime
  • Bringing crimes to justice

It helps to make Blackpool a safe environment for its residents, visitors, employees of the council  and the business community.

Blackpool Council is aware that using CCTV has the potential to be intrusive on an individual's privacy and therefore we carefully consider the use of the different types of systems available before deploying or using these.

Public space CCTV 

To assist our decision making process for the use of the town centre CCTV system, we undertake regular assessments of the impact of CCTV on an individual's privacy.

This is undertaken through the Surveillance Camera Commissioner's Self-Assessment process and through a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

These assessments enable us to consider the wider context as well as the legislation.

Our main town centre CCTV system is now being monitored at varying times.

As we work with approved and vetted volunteers and partners, the times are not currently 'set'.

During the monitored times, the cameras will be moved and may capture specific images. At all other times the cameras will not be moved and we will 'park' them.

They will still capture images whilst in the 'parked' positions but will only capture images of the locations they are pointing at.

The public protection service use body worn cameras for certain activities where employees are at a greater risk of verbal or physical assault, and where footage is required for evidential purposes.

Requests for images

We are able to deal with requests and if you would like us to search for any potential images of you, we would advise you to read more information on accessing your data.

We have separate processes for dealing with requests from solicitors or insurance companies. Please read the document CCTV06 - Legal or Insurance Request [PDF 617 KB].