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A community trigger allows members of the public experiencing anti-social behaviour to request a review of their case.

Along with other agencies we then have a duty to undertake a review of how we dealt with your case where it involves a someone who unhappy with previous outcomes and where the case meets the locally defined threshold.

Who can use a community trigger

The community trigger can be used by:

  • Any victim of antisocial behaviour  
  • Any person acting on behalf of a victim, such as a family member, friend, carer, councillor or MP
  • Other professional person

This is to ensure that all victims are able to use the trigger, but the victim's consent should be sought first.
If any of the following criteria is met by the person experiencing anti-social behaviour, they may be eligible for a community trigger review:

  • You, as an individual, have experienced 3 or more instances of anti-social behaviour within the last 6 months
  • 5 or more individuals have experienced the same or similar incidents of anti-social behaviour within the last 6 months
  • You, as an individual, have experienced one incident motivated by hate (hate incident/hate crime) within the last 6 months

Please note: If your complaint is related to an individual organisation or officer, you should follow the corporate complaints procedure of that organisation.

After the application

  • Partner agencies will review the complaints they have received with regards to your case and any actions taken
  • Following the initial enquiries, if further investigation is needed, a review meeting will take place between the appropriate agencies.  This meeting will be part of the anti-social behaviour risk assessment conference (ASBRAC) which meets every 4 weeks
  • The review will consider the history of the case, what action has been taken and whether things can be done differently
  • We may also contact you for more information about your complaint

You will be contacted after the review, by a representative from one of the agencies to explain the outcome of the meeting. This will include:

  1. Whether the review has shown that there are alternative actions that can be taken which may resolve your complaint
  2. Whether the review has shown that all appropriate action has been taken

Further information

If your complaint relates to an individual organisation or officer, please use the following contact details to make a corporate complaint:

Blackpool Council: Telephone 01253 477477 or make a complaint online

Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group: Make a complaint online.

Lancashire Constabulary: Telephone 101 or make a complaint online.

Blackpool Coastal Housing: Call freephone 0800 073 0184 or by letter, text, or fax.