Local authority local land charge searches

A Local Land Charge search reveals any restriction on a particular piece of land to limit the use of the land or to secure payment of a sum of money and is binding on successive owners or occupiers of the land. 

A standard search comprises two parts:

  • LLC1 - registerable charges, improvement grants, Tree Preservation Orders etc.
  • CON29R - road schemes, planning history etc.

In addition the CON29O covers optional enquiries including public paths, byways and common land. 

A search is backed up by the original source documents and the Land Charges Register, which is regularly updated. 

The value of having a fully authenticated accurate search cannot be underestimated and you can instruct your solicitor to use the local authority rather than a commercial entity to carry out your search.


Land charges fees 4 July onwards
Type Fee
LLC1 £11
LLC1 (additional parcel £1 per parcel
CON29 (residential) £127.50
CON29 (commercial) £136
CON29 (additional parcel) £15 per parcel
 CON29 (component date) Varies per question
 CON29O £9 per question

Following the HMRC's decision that CON29 and O products, submitted to the local authority, are considered to be refined data and are therefore subject to VAT at the standard rate of 20%, we will be increasing our fees for these products by 20% effective from 1 April 2017,  detailed below.  The statutory LLC1 is unaffected by this charge in fees.

Submitting CON29 and LLC1

Residential  (LLC1 £11+ CON29 £127.50 + VAT £25.50)   £164

Commercial (LLC1 £11 + CON29 £136 + VAT £27.20)   £174.20

Submitting LLC1 Only

LLC1 £11

Submitting CON29 Only

Residential (CON29 £127.50 + VAT £25.50)   £153

Commercial (CON29 £136 + VAT £27.20)   £163.20

Additional parcels

CON29 (£15 + VAT £3) £18

LLC1 (£1 + VAT £0) £1


CON29O (£9 per question + VAT £1.80 per question) = £10.80 per question

Submitting a search request

To make a search request you will need to:

  • Provide the full address of the property 
  • Send us a location plan with the area to be searched marked in red 
  • Pay the appropriate fee

Ways of submitting a search request

Search request forms are normally provided by the solicitor dealing with your conveyancing. However, if you prefer to request a search yourself, we recommend that you make a search online.

Using Public Access is the quickest and easiest way of submitting a search. Simple step-by-step instructions on how to register and use the service are available. Your search will be returned to you by email. Once registered with this service your details are retained, so there is no need to provide the details every time you use the system.


For a search of the Local Land Charges Register send a completed LLC1. For a search of the Register and replies to Enquires send a completed LLC1 and Con29R. For additional questions send CON29O

Payment can be made by telephoning 01253 476334 or by cheque made payable to Blackpool Council. Send the forms (and cheque if applicable) to: 

Local Land Charges
PO Box 17
Municipal Buildings
Corporation Street

Your search will be returned to you by email or post if requested.

Third party

  •  Via National Land Information Service (NLIS) (You will need to register with them)
  •  Via other search channels (You will need to register with them)

Component data

If you only require part of a search you can select different components. The easiest way is by using Public Access and paying the fee online.


Drainage enquiries should be sent to : United Utilities, Map Services, Stephens Way, Goose Green, Wigan WN3 6PJ or DX 719690 Wigan 8. Telephone 0870 7510101

Copy documents

Requests for copies of documents relating to any Local Land Charges search should be emailed to: land.charges@blackpool.gov.uk or forwarded in writing to the postal address above. 

The fee for this will be notified to you as it will vary according to the nature of the document requested. 

Copy Decision Notices and Completion Certificates are currently charged at £20 each.