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Local plan archived latest news items

7 October 2021 - A letter of comfort from Sport England and a Statement of Common Ground (SoCG) between Blackpool Council and Historic England have been added to the webpage library as items EL1.004a-b. The documents relate to Question 18 of the inspector's preliminary letter and the council's initial response set out in document EL1.002a. A SoCG between Blackpool Council and Natural England is also expected to be available shortly.

20 September 2021 - Matters, Issues and Questions and accompanying papers have been circulated to representors in respect of hearings scheduled for 6-10 December 2021. Details are available via library documents EL1.003a-e.

23 August 2021 - The council has responded to the Inspector’s preliminary letter (EL1.001a) and addendum letter (EL1.001b) which has been included in the library below as items EL1.002a to EL1.002f.

26 July 2021 - A further letter EL1.001b has been added in respect of the recently revised NPPF and the council's response on this will be similarly added.

15 July 2021 - The inspector has issued a preliminary letter to the council which has been included in the library below as item EL1.001a. The council's response will be added in due course.

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