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Local plan part 2 examination


The council submitted their plan to the Planning Inspectorate on the 18 June 2021.

Part 1 of the plan is the Core Strategy, adopted in January 2016.  This Part 2 of the plan includes the proposed Site Allocations and Development Management Policies.

This page should be viewed alongside the Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Submission web page from which the original submission library and accompanying maps may be accessed.

That webpage also contains a full set of representations received by the council in response to the publication version which was subject to consultation between February and April 2021.

Further library items will be added to this Examination page as the Examination progresses and representors and other interested parties are encouraged to view it on a regular basis for new items and the latest developments.

Latest news

22 October 2021 - A Statement of Common Ground has now been agreed between the council and Natural England and this is included in the Examination Library as item EL1.004c. As with items EL1.004a-b, the document relates to Question 18 of the inspector's preliminary letter and the council's initial response set out in document EL1.002a.

7 October 2021 - A Letter of Comfort from Sport England and a Statement of Common Ground (SoCG) between Blackpool Council and Historic England have been added to the webpage library as items EL1.004a-b. The documents relate to Question 18 of the Inspector's Preliminary Letter and the Council's initial response set out in document EL1.002a. A SoCG between Blackpool Council and Natural England is also expected to be available shortly.

20 September 2021 - Matters, Issues and Questions and accompanying papers have been circulated to representors in respect of hearings scheduled for 6-10 December 2021. Details are available via library documents EL1.003a-e.

23 August 2021 - The council has responded to the Inspector’s preliminary letter (EL1.001a) and addendum letter (EL1.001b) which has been included in the library below as items EL1.002a to EL1.002f.

26 July 2021 - A further letter EL1.001b has been added in respect of the recently revised NPPF and the council's response on this will be similarly added.

15 July 2021 - The inspector has issued a preliminary letter to the council which has been included in the library below as item EL1.001a. The council's response will be added in due course.


The inspector

Luke Fleming BSc (Hons) MRTPI has been appointed to undertake an independent examination into the soundness of the site allocations and development management policies plan and to subsequently issue a report with his conclusions. 

The programme officer

All correspondence to or from the Inspector will be via an independent programme officer and Tony Blackburn will fulfill this role. Items should be sent to him, preferably by email, to: 

Or alternatively, by post to him at the following address:

15 Ottawa Close

Additionally he may be contacted by telephone on 01254 260286

The hearings

Publication stage representors have been invited to participate in a series of hearings scheduled for 6-10 December 2021. These will be held online via MS Teams and further details will be provided in due course. Participation in the hearings is only open to representors but the ability of others to simply observe proceedings will be made available - please contact the Programme Officer if you wish to observe. 

Examination library items

Items added following submission of the plan

Items added following Submission of the Plan
Document linkDocument title  Date Author 
  EL1.001a  Blackpool SADMP Preliminary Matters  15 July 2021 Inspector
  EL1.001b  Blackpool SADMP Preliminary Matters Addendum (Revised NPPF)   26 July 2021 Inspector
  EL1.002a  Preliminary Questions Response Table  23 August 2021  Blackpool Council
  EL1.002b  Part 2 Main Modifications  23 August 2021  Blackpool Council
  EL1.002c  Part 2 Additional Modifications  23 August 2021  Blackpool Council
  EL1.002d  EZ Masterplan 2020 Plan  23 August 2021  Blackpool Council
  EL1.002e  EZ Masterplan 2018  23 August 2021  Blackpool Council
  EL1.002f  Consultation Report EZ Masterplan January 2018  23 August 2021  Blackpool Council
  EL1.003a  Email from Programme Officer to Representors  20 September 2021  Programme Officer
  EL1.003b  Blackpool Guidance Notes  20 September 2021  Inspector
  EL1.003c  Inspector's Matters, Issues and Questions  20 September 2021  Inspector
  EL1.003d   Blackpool Provisional Hearings Programme  20 September 2021  Inspector
  EL1.003e   List of Respondents    20 September 2021  Programme Officer
  EL1.004a   Sport England Letter of Comfort   7 October 2021  Sport England
  EL1.004b   Historic England Statement of Common Ground   7 October 2021  Blackpool Council
  EL1.004c   Natural England Statement of Common Ground    22 October 2021  Blackpool Council