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Supplementary planning documents and guidance

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)/Guidance (SPGs) provide more detailed guidance on policies contained within the Local Plan. They give guidance to the public, developers and applicants when making planning applications. Some SPDs provide guidance on how policies apply to particular sites.

Current consultation

Consultation for the Greening Blackpool SPD has now ended and we can no longer accept any new representations. We thank respondents for their comments and are now considering the issues raised. These will be addressed in an upcoming consultation statement to be published on the council's website. 

Adopted supplementary planning documents

Holiday Accommodation SPD (November 2017)

New Homes from Old Places SPD (March 2011)

Signage SPD (February 2018)

Extending Your Home SPD (November 2007) 

Talbot and Brunswick Neighbourhood Planning Guidance (November 2006)

Leisure Quarter Development Brief Supplementary Planning Document (March 2011)

Talbot Gateway Planning Brief (November 2006)

Supplementary planning guidance

SPG 2: Alterations and Extensions to Holiday Accommodation Premises (January 1992) [PDF 87KB]

SPG 3: A3 Food and Drink Uses (January 2004) [PDF 87KB] 

SPG 4: Private Day Nurseries (September 1992) [PDF 87KB]

SPG 5: External Shutters (June 1994) [PDF 109KB]

SPG 6: Shopfronts and Signs (January 1995) [PDF 83KB] 

SPG 7: Forecourt Trading and Canopies - Lytham Road (January 1999) [PDF 98KB]

SPG 9: Residential Institutions (June 1999) [PDF 85KB]

SPG 11: Open Space Provision for New Residential Development and the Funding System (October 1999) [PDF 351 KB]

Access and Parking SPG (Lancashire Structure Plan March 2005) [PDF 726KB]

Student Accommodation Advice Note

Residential care and semi-independent supported-living accommodation for children and young people - Advice note