Service changes

Until further notice, grey and blue lid bins will be collected every two weeks on your usual grey lid bin day. Please do not leave cardboard/paper sacks out for collection and use your grey/blue lid bins instead. Green bin collections are currently also suspended.

What goes in my bin

DEFRA update regarding waste in relation to people thought to be suffering from Coronavirus.

Waste, including disposable cloths, tissues should be put in a plastic rubbish bag and tied when full. The plastic bag should then be placed in a second bin bag and tied. It should be put in a suitable and secure place and stored foor 72 hours. Waste should not be left unsupervised awaiting collection. After 72 hours your waste can be put out for collection as normal.

Please put the right material in your recycling bins.

We can't collect a bin if it has the wrong material (such as glass in the green bin). 

What goes in which bin?