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Blackpool Household Waste Recycling Centre

A permit must be purchased if you are disposing of soil, rubble or plasterboard or if the waste is being brought in a van, trailer or a pick-up. This must be done before coming to the recycling centre.


  1. You will only be given access to the site during our opening times*
  2. When applying for the permit you must ensure the vehicle registration is correct. If the registration is incorrect this can delay the issuing of the permit and may cause the permit to be rejected.
  3. You have agreed that by applying for an annual permit your vehicle is registered to a Blackpool Council area address and you own the vehicle. If you are hiring or borrowing a vehicle you may only apply for a visitors permit.
  4. You have agreed that your vehicle - if applying for a van permit - is no more than 5 meters in length and is either a short/medium-wheel base van with no commercial sign writing on either side, if applying for a trailer permit - is a single-axle no more than 3 metres in length. If the vehicle that is applied for does not meet the criteria then the permit will be rejected and you will still be charged the processing fee. A refund will not be given.
  5. Only 1 permit will be issued per property.
  6. The site is restricted to the use of Blackpool Council residents and is only for the disposal of domestic waste. If you are found to be in possession of commercial waste your permit will be revoked and you will no longer be allowed on site. 

    You will be unable to apply for a permit if you live at commercial premises such as a hotel or guest house or are a landlord of a flat(s) and intend taking waste on behalf of a tenant or as part of property improvement.

  7. An annual permit allows you, the permit holder, 1 tip on site every calendar month. This will only apply for the particular month as you will not be able to carry any allowance over to any following months.
  8. Your permit will include the disposal of inert waste, rubble, soil if you have applied for a van or trailer permit. 
  9. Applying for the permit means you agree to correctly disposing of waste using the skips provided.
  10. An inert waste permit allows residents to dispose of up to 75kg (3 rubble bags) of waste each calendar month. Allowances cannot be carried over.
  11. If you have applied for a visitors permit the hiring or borrowing of a van/trailer will be permitted. You must obtain the vehicle registration of the hired vehicle before applying for the permit as the permit can not be issued without this. The hired van/trailer will only be permitted to use the site a maximum of 3 times between the allocated dates. Only 1 permit will be issued in each 12 month period.  Please note hire agreements must be produced along with the permit.
  12. Sign written vehicles will not be allowed access to the site (this does not include hired vehicles).

*The opening times are 10.00am to 4.00pm daily. Last admission for vans and trailers is 30 minutes before close. Vans and trailers are not permitted to use the site on Saturdays and Sundays.