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Community right to challenge expression of interest form

Completing the form

The information you give in this form is essential for the council to assess your expression of interest, so it is important that you answer all the questions in this form as fully as possible, and provide additional information where asked.

You will not be able to save this form and will need to complete it in one go so please ensure you have all the information you require before starting to complete it. You will need:

  • The full name of the organisation, and the registered address
  • If your organisation is registered (with eg the Charity Commission), your registration number plus supporting documentation
  • Information about how you intend to deliver the service, including
    • The names and addresses of any partner organisations, information about your organisations finances including indicative costings, any TUPE arrangements and the financial arrangements of any partners or subcontractors
    • Your organisation’s or your partner organisation’s or subcontractors’ technical skills, resources, capability and experience to be able to deliver the service, or how you are developing those skills
    • Any plans to use any council assets or resources to deliver the service;o engaging other employees (for Blackpool Council employees only)
    • Information about how your plans will promote or improve the social, economic or environmental wellbeing of residents of Blackpool
    • Information about how you plans will meet users’ needs;o the measures, targets or outputs you will be monitoring to demonstrate the outcomes you plan to achieve.


If you wish to received an example of a blank form to help you with your application, please email us at and we will be happy to send you one.

You will be required to complete fields marked * before completing a page.

  • Section 1 - About you
  • Q1. Organisations name and address