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Community rights and projects

Community rights are a set of powers available to communities to make sure that you have the community you aspire to have.

They are legal powers contained within the Localism Act 2012 that give you a greater say over how your community develops.

As well as the community rights, Blackpool have developed extra resources to help communities and charitable organisations to develop their local community.

  • Community asset transfer

    Community Asset Transfer is the transfer of management of a building or area of land, usually for less than market value.

    This is usually done via a lease agreement from Blackpool Council to a community organisation such as a charity or community interest organisation ‘CIO'.

    Organisations are required to evidence how the transfer will improve the local social, economic or environment.

    More information on community asset transfer and make an expression of interest
  • Community right to bid/Assets of community value

    The community right to bid, also known as ‘assets of community value' is a community right from the Localism Act 2012.

    The aim of the right is to empower communities wishing to protect valuable local assets (land and buildings) by requiring the council to maintain a list of assets in its area which are of community value. On sale, the community will then have a chance to delay a sale in order to prepare a bid to buy it.

    Assets can be owned by:

    • A public body
    • Private company
    • Individual

    The building or piece of land must be within or immediately adjacent to the Blackpool district and nominations can be made at any time throughout the year.

    More information of assets of community value
  • Community right to challenge

    The community right to challenge gives community organisations the right to ‘challenge' Blackpool Council by making an expression of interest in running services.

    A successful challenge would result in a procurement exercise in which the challenger would be able to take part along with other interested organisations.

    The act does not give an automatic right to the organisation expressing an interest to deliver the service, nor is it guaranteed the organisation will be successful in any procurement exercise.

    Make an expression of interest