Blackpool Council plan

2019-2024 Blackpool Council Plan 

Blackpool Council has reviewed and refreshed its council plan. The new council plan will build all the hard work that has taken place in the town over the last few years, bringing even greater change for the next 5 years.

We remain committed to the direction we took in 2015 which focusses on strengthening our economy and our communities. With Blackpool still facing many difficult issues we need to continue to focus on the things that matter – improving tourism and the job opportunities for everyone in the town, and creating stronger and safer communities. Some of the plan is about using programmes and projects we’ve already got in place to deliver more, faster. And some of it is about starting on new projects which fit with our vision and priorities. All this is being delivered at a time when money is tight, meaning that we are always thinking about how we can do things differently and better.

The 2019-2024 council plan is our response to this picture. It’s our way of telling the story of our town so that everyone – residents, organisations and visitors – understands what we’re doing, who we’re doing it with, and why we’re doing it.

Our vision for Blackpool continues to be:
The UK’s number one family resort with a thriving economy that supports a happy and healthy community who are proud of this unique town.

Our priorities

Our council plan is built around two main goals which give us a clear focus and direction as we move forwards.

Some of the key projects and achievements we aim to achieve during the next 5 years are below: