2015-2020 Blackpool Council Plan 

Blackpool Council's new council plan outlines what our vision and priorities will be during from 2015 to 2020.

Blackpool might the biggest and the brightest but it isn’t without its challenges. We’ve got major social and health issues to deal with, whilst needing to develop and innovate so our town meets the changing desires of modern day audiences.

We need to take advantage of other opportunities opening up - in fields like energy generation - with the same vigour our predecessors had when building iconic attractions such as the Winter Gardens, the Tower and Tower Buildings, the Pleasure Beach, and of course the true one-off that is the Blackpool Illuminations.

This council plan is our response to this picture. It’s our way of telling the story of our town and bringing the strands of our economy and society together so that everyone – residents, organisations and visitors – knows what we’re doing, who we’re doing it with, and why we’re doing it.

Our vision for Blackpool is that it will be:

The UK’s number one family resort with a thriving economy that supports a happy and healthy community who are proud of this unique town.

Blackpool Council Plan 2015 to 2020 [843KB]

Our priorities

We have two priorities