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Consultations and other engagement

Blackpool Council consults with its residents and service users through regular surveys and consultations.

Surveys play an important role in helping the council to understand what people think about local services - what's working and what isn't.

Surveys also provide valuable data about how local services are seen to change over time, including people's preferences and expectations.


Climate emergency

We have declared a climate emergency in Blackpool, which means urgent action must be taken to stop climate change.

The council is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions and 100% clean energy use by 2030.

The findings will be presented to a citizens’ assembly made up of local people, to help them come up with ideas for action.


Budget Engagement 2021-22

Central government funding for councils has been reducing over the last decade, and our finances have been further impacted by the Covid pandemic which effects the council’s ability to deliver its services.

This is your chance to have your say on what services and priorities are important to you, what changes to our services would have the most impact on you and your suggestions as to how the council should prioritise spending and make savings.

This survey will be available until 13 December 2020



Current consultations 

Alley gates schemes 2020 review

Alley gates were fitted in some areas of Blackpool under gating orders or public spaces protection orders (PSPOs) and were installed to help to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.

These orders are now due for review and therefore, we are asking for residents' views as to whether they think the orders should be extended or not. A PSPO can last for up to three years after which it must be reviewed. If the review supports an extension, and other requirements are satisfied, it may be extended for up to a further three years.

Residents who currently live in a property which has alley gates installed under a gating order or PSPO are now invited to let us know if they wish the PSPO on the alley gate in their scheme to continue, or if they would prefer the gates to be reviewed.

If you wish to change the current alley gating scheme in your area, please comment in the survey link below by 6 December 2020.


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