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Consultations and other engagement

Blackpool Council consults with its residents and service users through regular surveys and consultations.

Surveys play an important role in helping the council to understand what people think about local services - what's working and what isn't.

Surveys also provide valuable data about how local services are seen to change over time, including people's preferences and expectations.


St Johns Experimental Traffic Regulation Order

As part of an effort to improve pedestrian and road user safety in the town centre, we will be implementing an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) in and around the St Johns Square area to trial new restrictions. The ETRO will restrict traffic movement, enabling this area to become a pedestrian and cycle zone.

Only buses, taxis and other authorised vehicles (such as emergency services) will be authorised to drive within the restricted area.

A number of traffic restrictions will come into place in and around the St Johns Square area on the following roads:

  • Cedar Square
  • Church Street from St John’s Square to Corporation Street
  • Abingdon Street from Church Street to Cheapside
  • Birley Street
  • Adelphi Street
  • Carter Street

The ETRO will be in place and enforceable from Monday 5 June 2023 for an experimental period of up to 18 months. The ETRO will be reviewed after 6 months and Blackpool Council have the right to amend the order during the experimental period.

Current consultations

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