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Council make-up

Blackpool Council comprises of 42 elected members, otherwise called councillors.  There are 2 councillors for each of the 21 wards, serving for a period of 4 years.

Councillors can represent a political party or stand independently.  Further information including links to political party websites and guidance on registering political parties can be obtained from the Electoral Commission (a national independent body). 

Leader and cabinet

At Blackpool, the council operates a leader and cabinet system known as the executive, which is part of the council and is responsible for most day-to-day decisions.

It is made up of a leader and a cabinet of eight other councillors whom the leader has appointed.

The leader of the council has also appointed one of these cabinet members as her deputy.  

Each member of the executive has an area of individual responsibility . 

Political make-up of the council 

The political make-up of the council following the election on 4 May is:

Blackpool Council political make-up
Group / Non-Aligned IndependentLeader and deputy leader
Labour - 28 councillors

Group Leader, Councillor Lynn Williams

Deputy Group Leader, Councillor Ivan Taylor

Conservative - 14 councillors

Group Leader, Councillor Paul Galley.

Deputy Leader Councillor Michele Scott.

Ward councillors represent the local community and can raise issues affecting the area in which they serve.

These issues can range  from faulty street lights to campaigns for a new community centre. 

They serve on the council and its committees and can also act as a representative for the council on other bodies.

Councillors do not receive a salary although they can receive an allowance to help offset expenses or loss of earnings. 

You are able to find out more details about allowances and interests.