Council scrutiny

Scrutiny (sometimes called ‘overview and scrutiny’) is a process whereby councillors who are not the Council’s Executive, can play a powerful and influential role in the shaping of policy and decisions that will have a real benefit on behalf of the community they represent.

The process involves scrutiny committees monitoring performance, reviewing and evaluating services, questioning decisions and plans made by the Council’s Executive, listening to the concerns of local people, and where appropriate, making recommendations for action and change. The Council has produced a scrutiny handbook (see link below) which explains the process in more detail. 

Health scrutiny handbook [PDF 480KB]

In Blackpool, there are three overview and scrutiny committees which are as follows:

Each year, the Council produces an annual report, which sets out the work of the committees over the previous year and the impact that scrutiny has had on local services. 

Scrutiny annual report 2011/12 [PDF 215KB]

Your view on local services

To scrutinise local services properly the members of the scrutiny committees need to know what issues concern you as a resident of Blackpool.

If you think that a particular topic or service should be scrutinised, or you have input or an idea in relation to a current scrutiny, please contact the Scrutiny support team on 01253 477123.