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Greenlands ward by election results

The results of the by-election held in the Greenlands ward on Thursday 17 November 2022 are as follows:

Individual votes per candidate
 Name of candidate Description (if any) Number of votes Percentage of votes
 Kev Benfold  Liberal Democrats  77  6.72%
 Jane Elizabeth Ann Warne  The Conservative Party Candidate  518  45.24%
 Peter Wright  Labour party  550  48.03%

Rejected ballot paper statement

The number of ballot papers rejected is as follows:

  • Want of an official mark -0
  • Voting for more candidates than voter was entitled to -1
  • Writing or mark by which the voter could be identified -0
  • Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty -2
  • Total - 3


  • Electorate - 4981
  • Verified ballot papers -1148
  • Turnout - 23.05%