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Pupil Premium Plus funding is additional funding from the Department of Education to raise the achievement of looked after pupils aged 4 to 16 in maintained schools or academies.

The aim of Pupil Premium Plus is to close the achievement gap between looked after children and children who are not in care. Pupil Premium Plus funding is managed by the Virtual School team and £2100 per year is available for each looked after child (£700 in the summer term, £700 in the autumn term and £700 in the spring term).

The Department for Education recognise that not all looked after children need the same support, and that funding should be allocated on the basis of need. The social worker and designated teacher for the child are required to arrange a PEP meeting and complete the ePEP process via the Welfare Call website.

They should request funding linked to improving the educational outcomes of the child and the Virtual School will release the funds upon the completion of a good ePEP.

If you have any queries about Pupil Premium Plus, please contact Helen Piggott, email: or telephone 07341 065601.

Resources for designated teachers

Information for designated teachers

Every school must have a designated teacher for looked after children.

It is the designated teacher's job to promote the educational progress of all children in care on roll at their school.

The document Statutory Guidance for Designated Teachers published by The Department of Education forms the basis of the work of the designated teacher.

Blackpool virtual school holds network meetings for designated teachers each term.

The aim of the meetings is to help designated teachers complete their work in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Date for the next designated teacher network meeting 

If you as a designated teacher wish to attend please book places via email -