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Preparing for adulthood

Blackpool's Preparation for Adulthood strategy

Blackpool's transition protocol - A life not a service

Moving On booklet for student transitions and preparing for adulthood

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What does preparing for adulthood mean?

Preparing for adulthood or PfA is used to describe the process of moving from childhood into adult life. It is used to describe the changes in services when a child becomes an adult. Another term used to describe preparing for adultood is transition.

There will be a changes in the services that are offered when you become an adult because adult services can offer different types of support for young people and their families. Some young people will find that change is easier and some will require more support to help build the stepping stones into adulthood. 

The preparing for adulthood pathway will start when a young person is in year 9 and will continue until they leave education or training. Other services may continue to offer support and guidance until the young person is 25.

Preparing young people for adulthood is very important and you will receive the help and support you need. There is lots of information on the local offer website to help you make the right decisions and to also provide the contact details of a wide variety of organisations who can also provide the right type of support. 

The four areas of preparing for adulthood 

Learning and employment 

This means exploring different education and employment options and discussing how different opportunities can be explored to help the young person achieve their goals and aspirations to ultimately lead to employment.   

Support around learning and employment can be found on the local offer young people and adult's section  under finding a job.

Independence and independent living

This means providing the support for the young person to live an independent life as possible. This could include discussing housing options such as independent living, semi-independent living or supported living and how to access the right support. 

Support around independence and independent living can be found on the local offer young people and adult's section under finding somewhere to live

Friends and community 

Discussions will take place around how a young person can access community activities and the help they may need. This could also include looking at support around developing positive friendships within the local community. 

Support around friends and community can be found on the local offer young people and adult's section under find social activities for me.

Being healthy

This could include developing the skills needed to make positive choices in areas such as healthy eating or exercise. It could also include information relating to making the change from children’s to adult health services and the differences you may see during the transition.  

Support around being healthy can be found on the local offer young people and adult's section under keeping healthy.

National Development Team for Incusion (NDTI) Preparation for Adulthood tools and resources


Blackpool Advocacy Hub

Blackpool Advocacy Hub website

Children's and Young Persons Advocacy provide the following services:

  • Works with CYP when children’s social care is involved in their life
  • Stands up for CYP’s rights
  • Empowers CYP to have their voices heard
  • Is led by the individual child or young person
  • Is independent from other organisations
  • Is a confidential service
  • Safeguards CYP and protects them from abuse and poor practice