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Naming ceremonies

  • To provisionally book a naming ceremony please phone 01253 477177
  • Naming Ceremony Fees. The naming ceremony venue fee is the same as for marriages and civil partnerships and depends on whether the ceremony takes place at The Wedding Chapel, The Town Hall or at an Approved Premises.

Reasons to celebrate with a naming ceremony

  • The birth of your child
  • The adoption of a child into your family
  • The re-registration of your child and perhaps a change of surname

The ceremony is tailor made to suit you and can be organised by any parent or guardian. Parents do not need to be married to each other. Naming ceremonies have no legal status and cannot be used to officially change your child's name. Re-registering the birth of your child may be applicable where:
  • As the parents of your child (you are both entered in the original entry), you have now married
  • The father’s details were not entered in the original entry and you have decided to add the natural father’s details in the register

In the above re-registration cases, it is possible to change a child's surname to that of the father. There is no time limit on re-registering your child. For more information on how to re-register your child's birth:


Naming ceremonies can be held at The Wedding Chapel (Festival House) either in the Tower View Room which holds 75 people or the Sea View Room which holds 12 people. They can also be held in The Town Hall Council Chamber or at Approved Venues in Blackpool. If you require a ceremony at a venue not on the list please contact us. It may be possible for the venue to apply for a one-off approval for your ceremony to take place.

Further information

If you would like more information on naming ceremonies, please phone us or email