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This is a toolkit which brings together a variety of resources for the community to be able to measure and develop projects. In this toolkit you can find links to; carbon calculators, funding, training and courses to support community action skills.

Carbon calculators  

There are various carbon calculators available, they can be used to calculate the carbon impact of lifestyles and the feasibility of installing low carbon items such as solar and wind. The following calculators can be used to measure community projects and assist in prioritising any actions you may wish to take.

Community funding

There are numerous forms of funding available for a wide variety of sustainability projects. The Centre for Sustainable Energy has a further directory of funding available for communities you can access at funding your project.

Sustainability courses and training

  • NEA hosts a variety of courses on energy  efficiency  and fuel poverty, you can learn more at NEA energy courses 
  • You can learn more about how to communicate climate change effectively to others at Climate Outreach UK.
  • The council will be offering a free climate change course to local residents and organisations in Blackpool. 
  • The Media Trust, host training events for the third sector on using social media and they have a Communicating Climate Change programme.

Joining in 

  • If you are new to community engagement you can find more advice on the Groundwork Community Climate Action Hub.
  • For advice of how to establish your own community group you can learn more at My Community
  • A list of local community centres and friends of groups can be viewed here 
  • Community rights and projects information can be viewed here