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Hardcore and rubble

Items from the repair or improvement of houses are classified as construction waste and anybody wishing to dispose of this waste must purchase a permit.

You will be limited to 75 kg per month and we recommend that you read our permit schemes before visiting the site.

Gas bottles

We will accept standard liquid petroleum type gas bottles commonly used in a domestic property and the largest accepted bottles are 15 kg. Balloon gas bottles are also accepted. Gas bottles will need to be handled by site staff to ensure safe disposal. We will be unable to accept any other type of gas bottle.

Oxygen, air and brewery cylinders

Oxygen, air and brewery cylinders are not classed as household waste and will not be accepted. Please contact your manufacturer or supplier for disposal.


The council encourages householders to dispose of all types of asbestos through a licensed contractor. However, small quantities of cement bonded asbestos from your own household maintenance can be taken providing you follow the step by step guide:

  • Read our Managing Asbestos guide 
  • Visit the HWRC office with a council tax or utility bill on any of the following days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.
  • You will be up issued up to 3 bags
  • Place the asbestos sheets carefully inside the red bag and tape it shut
  • Then place the secured red bag into the white bag and tape it shut
  • Bring the sealed bags back on any of the following days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday
  • You must notify a member of staff at the office once you arrive on site with your asbestos

Fire extinguishers

We only accept extinguishers if the manufacturer will not take them back.

Please attempt to contact the manufacturer before bringing to the HWRC. Only extinguishers from a household source will be accepted.

Car parts and tyres

We do not accept car parts and car tyres as these are not classed as household waste. We recommend that you contact a local car salvage yard for the disposal of these materials.

Petrol, diesel and paraffin

Petrol, diesel and paraffin are classed as hazardous waste and are not accepted.

The HWRC management and staff reserve the right to refuse any waste material brought onto the site if it is not deemed as household waste.

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