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Results of recent consultations

Council Tax and Benefits

Summary of Council Tax Reduction Scheme responses

The Consultation was carried out through a mix of online surveys publicised via social media, and through hard copy surveys made available at Council reception points.

  • 13 of the 14 respondents are Blackpool Council Tax payers, 6 are currently in receipt of Council Tax Reductions
  • Of the 14 responses to the consultation, 8 strongly agree or agree with the proposal whilst 4 strongly disagree with it. 2 respondents indicated that they neither agree/ nor disagree
  • Of those who disagree with the proposal, one suggested that the Council should focus on those not paying any Council Tax, one feels the Council should review staff salaries, another proposes a 'sponsor scheme' to cover Council Tax and rent if someone becomes unemployed and one respondent indicated that there was insufficient information to agree with the proposal and that the Council should look to renegotiate commercial agreements
  • Other comments about the proposal were mixed, with some feeling it would have a negative impact on struggling families and vulnerable people whilst others accepted that difficult savings need to be made. One comment suggested that the proposal would be fairer on those with less children and again comments touched on collection of Council Tax arrears and the impact of families moving to the area who are reliant on reductions


The service has used the findings of the consultation to shape the scheme proposal presented to Executive on 7 December 2015. The final design of the scheme is subject to incorporating any further changes announced by the Department of Local Communities and Government prior to the scheme's start date.

Parking, roads and transport

Promenade consultation results [PDF 45KB]