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Improving the Blackpool SEND local offer - You said, we did

Below are the changes and improvements we have made to the Local Offer as a result of your feedback. Please use the link at the bottom to tell us if you feel we're missing anything or you have more ideas how we can improve the website.

You Said We Did
 You Said We DidWe're doing
 Break the information down into sections. Created sections for parents and carers, young people and adults and professionals. There are also sections for health, and different stages of life such as early years and school age.  
There is no button for me as an adult with SEND. The children's and young people area has been changed to young people and adults.  
I don't know how to give feedback on what I think of the Local Offer. We have moved the give us feedback sign to the middle of the home page so its easier to find.  
I need information on transport. We have moved the transport advice under the parents area so its easy to find.  
I need help on how to find a personal assistant for my child   We've worked with the Direct Payments and made a video to answer these questions. It will be live on the Local Offer on the 21 March 2024.
I need help making a doctor's appointment. In the young people and adult's section, the Health Facilitation Team can support with this.   
The name Local Offer doesn't tell me what the website is about. We have re-branded the website as the Blackpool SEND Local Offer and changed the web address to help people understand what it is for. The name Local Offer is a legal requirement for every council, hopefully changing the website name makes it a bit clearer.  
There is too much that's not relevant to Blackpool. We have made a lot of changes on this as we know its really important to you, especially in the events and social activities for young people and adults sections. If you know of any events or groups happening locally that we haven't listed please email us.  
It would be better if the social activities were broken down into categories. In the Find Social Activities for Me, in the young people's area we have now broken down the activities into categories to make them easier to find.   



Announcement Tell us if you know of any groups that we're missing.