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Antisocial behaviour can be a serious problem. It can ruin lives and the quality of your neighbourhood.

It is also a difficult problem for one service or department to fix.

We work with other agencies and organisations to try and resolve problems such as:

  • Lancashire police
  • The NHS
  • Social landlords

If antisocial behaviour is causing alarm or distress to you or your community you should report it.

Reporting antisocial behaviour to the police

You should report most antisocial behaviour to the police.

The following are some examples of the issues the police will deal with:

  • Drug and substance misuse, including the smell and use of cannabis
  • Using a house to sell drugs
  • Rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour
  • Harassment
  • Vehicle nuisance
  • Malicious telephone calls/messages

Report the antisocial behaviour to the police, or telephone 101.

If your call requires an emergency police response or you feel in danger, please call 999.

If you do not need an emergency response you can contact your neighbourhood policing team.

Reporting antisocial behaviour to Blackpool Council

We can help you with nuisance behaviour, this includes:

We aim to respond to all reports within 7 working days.

Reporting antisocial behaviour to Blackpool Coastal Housing

You should report antisocial behaviour to Blackpool Coastal Housing if: 

  • You are a Blackpool Council tenant
  • The person responsible for the antisocial behaviour is a Blackpool Coastal Housing tenant

Telephone: 01253 477130 during office hours or 0800 073 0184 out of hours email: