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Report a fly-tip

Dumping rubbish, or fly-tipping is illegal, dangerous and can be detrimental to the appearance of your neighbourhood.

Fly-tipping is a problem because it:

  • Attracts vermin
  • Damages the environment
  • Discourages communities from taking pride in their area
  • Health hazard
  • Unsightly

Where appropriate we will investigate fly-tipping offences to take enforcement action against those responsible. A successful prosecution can result in a fine of up to £50,000 and/or 6 months imprisonment.

Fly-tippers cost all council tax payers when the council has to remove the fly-tipped waste. On average it costs us over £300,000 per year to deal with.

Blackpool Council is not responsible for rubbish dumped on private land or un-adopted roads and alleyways. This is the responsibility of the landowner.

Dumping rubbish in alleys

Rubbish left and fly-tipped in alley ways is causing extra demand on our teams at the moment, as well as putting them and local people at risk, so please do not leave rubbish in your alley. 

Private waste collectors

If you choose to use a private waste collector to get rid of any rubbish, you have a legal duty to check that the person or business is a registered waste carrier.

There are multiple ways residents can check they are using a responsible waste carrier. The first is by asking to see the waste disposer’s permit, or checking the online register. You can check their vehicle registration online.

Report fly-tipping

When reporting an issue of fly-tipping the following information would help us

  • The date, time and location 
  • The type of waste and approximately how much there is (eg 10 black bin bags, 1 fridge)
  • If you have any information about who has dumped the rubbish, such as name of person, address or vehicle involved

If you find illegally dumped waste, please remember:

  • Don't disturb the site in case there is evidence that could lead to catching and prosecuting those responsible
  • Don't touch the waste because it may include toxic chemicals, asbestos or broken glass
  • Do not do anything that could put yourself in danger

After you report fly-tipping

Depending on the type and location of the fly-tipping a number of things may happen:

  • If the report is on land under Blackpool Council’s control, it will be investigated and cleared. Priority will be given to hazardous waste. Other reports of fly-tipping will be cleared as soon as possible. We aim to clear within 7 working days
  • If the report is on un-adopted or private land it will be investigated to see if it causes an environmental concern. We aim to investigate and advise you of the outcome
  • If the report is on land that is controlled by Blackpool Coastal Housing then the report will be passed to them to respond to

Recycle responsibly

If you have items that you need to have removed Blackpool Council provides a bulky matters collection service and also has the popular Rover - mobile recycling unit to help.

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