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This page relates to the Core Strategy Examination which took place in 2014 - Details of the Local Plan Part 2 Examination can be found at: Local Plan Part 2 Examination


The council submitted their Plan to the Planning Inspectorate on the 19 December 2014.

This page should be viewed alongside the New Blackpool Local Plan Submission web page from which the original submission library and accompanying maps may be accessed.

That webpage also contains a full set of representations received by the council in response to the Proposed Submission stage consultation.

Latest news

24 NovemberPublication of the Inspector's Report - The Inspector has issued his report on the examination into the Blackpool Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy. The report concludes that the Core Strategy provides an appropriate basis for the planning of the Borough providing a number of modifications are made to the plan.

The report and schedule of main modifications are available to view using the links provided. Hard copies will shortly be available to view at the following locations:

Blackpool Council Customer First Centre

All Libraries across the Borough

The Council will now take the necessary steps to formally adopt the Core Strategy, with adoption expected to take place in January 2016. 

The Inspector

The Secretary of State has appointed Malcolm Rivett BA (Hons) MSc MRTPI as the Inspector from the Planning Inspectorate to carry out an independent examination of the Core Strategy. His task is to establish whether the Core Strategy is 'sound', taking into consideration representations made during consultation on the Proposed Submission Core Strategy between July and August 2014. He will then report on his findings including advising if changes are needed to make the Core Strategy sound.

The Programme Officer

All correspondence to or from the Inspector will be via an independent programme officer and Tony Blackburn will fulfill this role. Items should be sent to him, preferably by email, to: 

Or alternatively, by post to him at the following address:

15 Ottawa Close, Blackburn, BB2 7EB

Additionally he may be contacted by telephone on 01254 260286

The hearings

The hearings were held at the Solaris Centre, South Promenade, Blackpool between 11-13 May 2015.

Examination library items

These will be added here as the examination progresses and will supplement those in the submission library referred to above.  

Items added prior to the start of the hearing

EL1.001 Letter from Programme Officer to Representors

EL1.002a Blackpool Core Strategy Letter 100215 from Programme Officer to Representors 

EL1.002b Blackpool Core Strategy Examination Guidance Note

EL1.002c Matters and Questions

EL1.002d Blackpool Draft Programme

EL1.003 Blackpool Market Signals Report May 2015

EL1.004 Five Year Housing Supply Update

EL1.005a Email 070515 from Council re: HRA App

EL1.005b HRA Updated Appendix 4 May 2015 Clean Copy

EL1.005c HRA Updated Appendix 4 May 2015 Track Changes Copy

Further statements

EL2.001 Further Statement Chadsley Hotel

EL2.002 Further Statement Memphis Hotel

EL2.003 Further Statement Mr R Panek

EL2.004a Examination Statement Matter 1 Home Builders Federation

EL2.004b Examination Statement Matter 2 Home Builders Federation

EL2.005a Hearing Statement Matter 4 Blackpool Pleasure Beach

EL2.005b Hearing Statement Matter 5 Blackpool Pleasure Beach

EL2.005c Hearing Statement Matter 7 Blackpool Pleasure Beach

EL2.006a Hearing Statement JLL on behalf of NS&I

EL2.006b Hearing Statement JLL on behalf of NS&I

EL2.006c Hearing Statement JLL on behalf of NS&I

EL2.007a Hearing Statement Matter 1 Blackpool Council

EL2.007b Hearing Statement Matter 2 Blackpool Council

EL2.007c Hearing Statement Matter 3 Blackpool Council

EL2.007d Hearing Statement Matter 4 Blackpool Council

EL2.007e Hearing Statement Matter 5 Blackpool Council

EL2.007f  Hearing Statement Matter 6 Blackpool Council

EL2.007g Hearing Statement Matter 7 Blackpool Council

EL2.007h Hearing Statement Matter 8 Blackpool Council

EL2.007i  Hearing Statement Matter 9 Blackpool Council

Items submitted during the hearings

EL3.001 Blackpool Council Opening Statement

EL3.002 Friends of the Earth v Welsh Ministers 2015 Reasonable Alternatives 

EL3.003 Five Year Housing Supply Update and Appendices

EL3.004 Note on Policy CS23

EL3.005 Further information submitted by the Memphis and Chadsley hotels

Items submitted following the closing of the hearings

EL4.001a Blackpool Core Strategy letter from the Inspector to the Council 19th May 2015

EL5.001 Blackpool Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications August 2015

EL5.002 Sustainability Appraisal of the Proposed Main Modifications 

EL5.003  Responses received to the Main Modifications consultation

EL5.004 Response from Blackpool Council to the Inspector October 2015

Further evidence base documents

Below is a list of further evidence base documents relating to Blackpool Councils hearing statements.

FEB.001 Blackpool Sustainable Community Strategy 2008-2028

FEB.002  Blackpool Demographic Analysis & Forecasts Evaluating the impact of the 2012-based DCLG household projections April 2015 (Edge Analytics)

FEB.003 Briefing Considering the Implications of the 2012 SNHP April 2015 (Turley)

FEB.004 Destination Management Plan (2015-2017)

FEB.005 Resort Masterplan (2003)

FEB.006 Task Force Report Action Plan (2007)

FEB.007 Government Response to the Task Force Report (2008)

FEB.008 A “Vision for Blackpool” 2003

FEB.009 Lancashire Growth Deal 2014

FEB.010 Holiday Accommodation Consultation Statement 2011