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Main climbing wall novice supervision form

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To be completed by a registered adult climber 18 yearrs+ Parents/Guardians/ Adult novices to read the acknowledgement of risk


Main climbing wall novice supervision form

  • Adult climbers information
  • Name
  • Supervision Information
  • Children aged 5 years to 1 7years
    Children must always be supervised by a registered adult climber 18 years + Completion of the parent, guardian declaration on this this form.
  • Adult novice guest/s 18 years +
    Must always be supervised by a registered adult climber 18 years + Completion of the adult guest declaration on the reverse of this form.
  • Novice climbers are the responsibility of the supervisor and the supervisor must remain with their novice/s when in the centre. The supervisor has a duty to inform the novice of relevant risks and help them manage these risks. Best practice notices are displayed within the climbing wall. The maximum novice supervision is 2 novice guests only
  • Novice guest 1
  • Name
  • Novice guest 2
  • Name

The personal information on this form will be retained to demonstrate that consent was sought for the child detailed above to take part in the specified activity(s). We will use the information provided to contact you in an emergency and ensure that staff delivering the sessions are aware of any medical or special support needs.

We will not share your child’s personal information with any third parties. Blackpool Council is the data controller for the personal information you have provided in this form. The council’s data protection officer can be contacted at

Further information about how Blackpool Council uses your personal information, including your rights as a Data Subject.

Acknowledgement of risk

Participation statement

“All climbing and bouldering activities have a risk of serious injury or death. Participants must be aware of and accept that even if they follow all good practice there may still be the risk of accident and injury. It is the responsibility of the participant to adhere to the conditions of use.”

It is important that you understand this document. There is inherent risk involved with climbing centres and associated activities. By signing this form, you are stating you understand that these risks cannot be completely removed. If you do not understand any of the terminology or content, ask a member of staff to clarify.

Conditions of use

  • General safety

  • Be aware

  • Top rope climbing

  • Lead climbing

  • When belaying

  • Auto belays

  • Supervised climbing

  • Our duty of care

  • Your duty of care