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Ramblers Wellbeing Walks Blackpool

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Steps to health

Benefits of walking

  • Walking can halve the risk of coronary heart disease
  • Walking can reduce high blood pressure
  • Regular walking can help people maintain or reduce weight
  • Walking improves energy and stamina
  • Walking can improve balance and co-ordination
  • Healthy bodies
  • Health minds
  • Meet new people
  • Prevent illness

The scheme aims to increase the amount of physical activity that people take, and to assist with the challenge of encouraging the recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate activity per week.

Guidelines for walkers

  • Ensure you wear suitable shoes and appropriate clothing for walking
  • Sun protection is advisable especially in hot or sunny weather
  • Walk at a pace that's appropriate for you
  • Do not walk if you are feeling unwell
  • If you are suffering from heart problems, you should consult your doctor prior to starting exercise for the first time in a while
  • Notify a walk leader should you wish to leave part way through an organised walk


Spring Walks Timetable 2024

Walks timetable
Day Date Time Walk
Thursday 28 March 2.00pm Stanley Park
Tuesday 2 April 10.30am Woodlands Garden
Wednesday 3 April 10.30am Bispham Marsh
Thursday 4 April 2.00pm Fairhaven Lake
Tuesday 9 April 10.30am Stanley Park
Wednesday 10 April 10.30am Anchorsholme Park
Thursday 11 April 2.00pm South Promenade
Tuesday 16 April 10.30am Carleton Lodge
Wednesday 17 April 10.30am Woodlands Gardens
Thursday 18 April 2.00pm Stanley Park
Tuesday 23 April 10.30am Robins Circular
Wednesday 24 April 10.30am Herons Reach
Thursday 25 April 2.00pm South Promenade
Tuesday 30 April 10.30am Anchorsholme Park
Wednesday 1 May 10.30am Bispham Marsh
Thursday 2 May 2.00pm Stanley Park
Tuesday 7 May 10.30am Marton Mere
Wednesday 8 May 10.30am Anchorsholme Park
Thursday 9 May 2.00pm South Promenade
Tuesday 14 May 10.30am Robins Circular
Wednesday 15 May 10.30am Stanley Park
Thursday 16 May 2.00pm Zoo Circular
Tuesday 21 May 10.30am Herons Reach
Wednesday 22 May 10.30am Woodland Gardens
Thursday 23 May 2.00pm South Promenade
Tuesday 28 May 10.30am Zoo Circular
Wednesday 29 May 10.30am Anchorsholme
Thursday 30 May 2.00pm Stanley Park
Tuesday 4 June 10.30am Stanley Park
Wednesday 5 June 10.30am Solaris Centre
Thursday 6 June 2.00pm Herons Rach


Steps to health walks starting points
Walk Start and end point
Stanley Park Rear of Blackpool Sports Centre
Blackpool Zoo Circular Rear of Blackpool Sports Centre
Woodlands Gardens Rear of Blackpool Sports Centre
Bispham Marsh Rear of Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre
Carlton Lodge Rear of Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre
Robins Circular Rear of Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre
Heron's Reach The Village (De Vere's) Car Park
Marton Mere The Village (DE Vere's) Car Park
South Shore Promenade Front of the Solaris Centre
Anchorsholme / Cleveleys Promenade Anchorsholme Park, in front of the Brew Cafe
North Promenade Princes Way, Little Bispham Tram Stop
Palatine Palatine Leisure Centre
Fairhaven Lake In the car park at Fairhaven Lake
Witch Wood Cafe Lowther Gardens

Would you like to become a volunteer?

If you enjoy walking, would like to meet new friends, have some time to spare and would like to become a Walk Leader for Steps To Heath please contact Sandra Thompson our health and physical activity development officer on 01253 478007

If you have any questions please get in touch via email address.

How to Stay active while you are at home, Sport England have provided some useful ideas about how to stay active if you are at home.

Steps to Health is a community walking programme in Blackpool.

The walks are free of charge and are suitable for people of all ages and abilities, walks are provided to those who would like to be more physically active. 

The walks

  • Short walk - 30 minutes for the beginners group
  • Long walk - 60 minutes advanced group

The walks are supervised by trained leaders and volunteers who encourage the participants to walk at a pace that is appropriate to their condition and that will benefit their health.

See our seasonal walking timetable and starting points 


For more information or if you would like to become a walk leader contact Active Blackpool.  

Telephone: 01253 478007