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Learn to swim - Adults

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The Swim England Adult Swimming Framework is about improving confidence, technique and safety in the water, with no age limit.

Not everyone is able to reach their potential in the water during their school years. This is where swimming lessons using the Adult Swimming Framework can help.

Around 30% of adults in the UK can’t swim a length. Yet, one quarter of adult non-swimmers would like to learn how.

The Adult Swimming Framework

With four progressive stages and Awards to choose from, the Swim England Adult Swimming Framework is suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to experienced swimmers who would just like some additional coaching to improve their technique.

Adults have very different needs to children when learning to swim – as an adult, you have different motivations and learn in different ways.

Our Adult Swimming Framework takes this into account, providing goals and targets suitable for those aged 14+.

Be Water Confident

This class is about gaining the confidence to enter the pool safely. It also covers the ability to move around the pool with confidence and to achieve basic core aquatic skills. These are entries, exits, buoyancy, balance and aquatic breathing. Classes will take place in the teaching pool before moving into the main pool once water confidence has been gained

Be a Swimmer

By the time you earn this Award you will have the necessary skills to start swimming independently over short distances (5 to 10 metres). You won’t need support or floatation equipment.

At this stage, we recommend you also try the Adult Distance Awards: 5 metres, 10 metres and 25 metres.

Be a Better Swimmer

By this point you’ll be able to swim up to 400 metres independently. You’ll also have the confidence to try other pool activities, such as Aquacise or lane swimming.
At this stage, we recommend you build your stamina even more, with our Adult Distance Awards: 50 metres, 100 metres and 200 metres.

Be a Masters Swimmer

Gaining this Award means you can confidently enter the Masters section of a swimming club or Swimtag swimfit sessions. It’s about more advanced swimming skills to enable you to compete at different levels and in different sports such as triathlon, open water swimming and lane swimming.
At this stage you can also achieve our most advanced Adult Distance Awards – 800 metres and 1 mile.

Adult Learn to Swim Awards Core Skills

As you work through each of these four stages you will focus on developing the following key skills.

  • Entries and exits
  • Treading water
  • Rotation and orientation
  • Streamlining
  • Aquatic breathing
  • Sculling
  • Travel and coordination
  • Floatation
  • Stamina
  • Submersion
  • Water safety

Although each of the four stages has a number of outcomes, not all outcomes will need to be achieved to move onto the next stage; as they are not compulsory.

The Adult Swimming Framework is about being flexible. The swimming teacher will select the required outcomes based on your individual goals.

Completing the Adult Swimming Framework open the doors to many opportunities.

As well as being able to enjoy general swimming with family and friends, you could move into the competitive side of swimming or join a Masters club which are aimed at adults over the age of 18.


Book a block of 10 swimming lessons for £56.50

Direct debit £22.50 per month, this includes free casual, lane and family swimming.

If you are looking to start swimming lessons, please get in touch with our team. Your first swimming lesson is free.


  • Be Water Confident

  • Be A Swimmer

  • Be A Better Swimmer

  • Be A Masters Swimmer

  • Swim clinics


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Learn to swim - Adults

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