Feel Good Factory

Last Modified February 07, 2018

Moor Park Feel Good FactoryThe Feel Good Factory offers simple power assisted equipment to help you exercise in a relaxed and sociable setting, with friendly and experienced instructors on hand to support you every step of the way. It's a great place lose weight, get in shape, improve mobility, tone up and improve strength.

The Feel Good Factory is available at both Palatine Leisure Centre and Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre. Attendance is by Feel Good Factory Membership. To obtain a free Feel Good Factory Week Pass, please complete our online enquiry form.

Feel Good Factory Opening Times
Monday 7:30am - 7.30pm
Tuesday 7:30am - 7.30pm
Wednesday 7:30am - 7.30pm
Thursday 7:30am - 7.30pm
Friday 7:30am - 7.30pm
Saturday 9am - 3pm
Sunday 9am - 3pm



Single Feel Good Factory membership is available at £23.50 per month or £235 for an annual contract. Joint membership is available at £41 per month or £410 for an annual contract. For joint memberships, all members must live at the same address. Membership includes:

Use of all Feel Good Factory equipment at Palatine Leisure Centre and Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre

Casual Swimming at Palatine Leisure Centre and Moor Park Health and Leisure Centre

Selected exercise classes at Blackpool Sports CentreMoor Park Health and Leisure Centre and Palatine Leisure Centre including:

  • Deep Aqua Aerobics
  • Gently Does It
  • Pilates
  • PiYo
  • Shallow Aqua Aerobics
  • Thighs Bums and Tums
  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Zumba Core
  • Zumba Gold
  • Zumba Step

To see when these classes are on, please see our exercise class timetables.


The Feel Good Factory hosts a variety of different equipment to help strengthen different parts of the body.

Flys and Thighs - Firms the inner and outer thighs, trimming and improving hip mobility-simultaneously shaping the chest, shoulders and upper back.

Side Bend Stepper and Hipster - The Hipster gently tones and firms hips, buttocks, lower back and legs. Whilst the Side Stepper exercises the waist, hips, abdominals, arms, shoulders, legs, buttocks and lower back.

Seated Climber - The seated climber firms and strengthens the chest, upper back, upper arms and shoulders resulting in an improved posture and upper body mobility. The seated Climber also exercises the legs, waist and abdominals.

Tummy Crunch - The combination of Tummy Crunch machines firm and flatten the entire abdominal group of muscles.

Waist Away - These superb exercise machines help to create a firm narrow waistline, firm flat abdominals, whilst simultaneously adding strength and flexibility to the lower back.

Chest and Legs - Chest and Legs works on the chest, shoulders, arms, legs, abdominals, upper back, buttocks and hips.

Bums and Tums - Bums and Tums tones and tightens the buttocks, hips and tummy.

Additional Information

For more information please contact us

Telephone: 01253 478005

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